Marble run

    Growing up, everyone has at one time or another tried his hand at building a marble run. Sand, mud, plastic tubes, clay, … Everything was usable as long as it meant fun! I was challenged to have the marble not run downwards, but upwards instead. The marble was to be elevated by three separate systems, with wood as the main material. The only source of power is an axle which can be rotated by hand. During the process, it was of course important to test the efficiency of the construction from time to time. The end result was quite satisfactory. The marble can easily run through the entire track and end up in its original position. Catapulted into a stair system, it lands in a funnel and is picked up by a large lever.

    Format: 60 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm
    Material: MDF, multiplex, pine wood, hardboard, PVC


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